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This antenna has been designed for the frequency band of 130 Mhz to 180 Mhz. The antenna is compact, very rugged in design and is enclosed entirely in an unbreakable fibre-glass enclosure. It gives a reasonably flat response over the entire operating frequency range.

The Antenna has been fully tested to meet the demands of equipment used in a military environment and is designed for worldwide operation and deployment.


Operating Frequency : HF 130 Mhz to 180 Mhz
VSWR : Less than 1.4
Horizontal Radiation Pattern : Omni directional
Connector : N connector 50Ω
Diameter of Base : 120 mm.
Mounting Holes Pattern : 4 holes @ 100mm PCD
Total Length : 0.90 Mtrs approx.
Material : Special Alloy Brass
Weight : 1400 gms.
Working RF Power : 200 Watt
Color : Olive Green