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Exploder Dynamo

The Exploder Dynamo Capacitor is meant for firing electric detonators No.33 for the demolition work. The energy required for firing electric detonators No.33 are generated by the Hand operated AC Generator and are accumulated in the storage Capacitors. This simplifies the equipment for lightweight and makes it suitable for man-pack. This equipment does not require any external source of supply or battery, etc.


The Exploder Dynamo Capacitor is a compact and robust unit to provide the electrical energy to fire electric detonators No.33 for carrying out demolition work. The lightweight AC Generator charges the storage Capacitors to a voltage of 850 Volts by manual hand cranking. The electrical energy so stored in the capacitors is used for firing the detonators by the firing switch with the help of a firing key. The correct firing voltage of 850V is indicated on a panel meter. Neon lamp also starts flashing when this voltage is achieved.

The unit has additional facilities:

  • For discharging the Capacitors when not required.
  • For measurement of loop resistance of detonator wiring to ensure proper connections.
  • For self-calibration of the resistance measurement range.
  • For self-check of Exploder Dynamo Capacitor by firing into a dummy load resulting in a neon flash.
  • For checking continuity using Thermo prick and Clippable prickers.


The equipment is housed in a fiber reinforced plastic container and is sealed against water by the use of proper rubber gasket, etc. A teak wood compact transit case is provided to house the unit along-with all required accessories. A satchel case is also provided for use to house the unit and accessories during emergency/commando operations.


Firing Voltage : 850 Volts
Firing Capacity : 550° of detonators No.33 connected in Series along with cables
Cranking Generator : 25 to 30 Revolutions for 5 to 6 seconds
Resistance Calibration : 120°
Firing Operation : By spring loaded key
Operating Temperature : -30C to +55C
Length 235mm 330mm
Breadth 120mm 225mm
Height 170mm 265mm
Weight 3.5 kg 6.0 kg