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Ground Plane

Optimum performance is achieved by Ground Plane Antenna on VHF, ranging from 30 MHz to 76 MHz operating at height of 7.62 meters to 9.15 meters having 50 Ω impedance.

Radiation pattern is such that it ensures reliable ground coverage in all direction with no silence zone. The rugged construction of the antenna is lightweight and easily transportable in dismantled condition.

Weighs just 34 kgs in Canvas Carrying Bag provided. Wooden transit case is optional. Two persons can erect the 5 mast sections in less than 30 minutes. Additional masts may be added to raise the antenna to avoid obstacles.


Operating Frequency : VHF 30 MHz to 76 MHz
Antenna Impedance : 50Ω
Connector : UHF (BNC Adopter) (optional)
Radiating Elements : 6
Ground Radials : 12
Mast Sections : 6
Height : 7.62 m to 9.15 m
Weight : 34 kgs. Approx.
Radio set for which used : PRC, RSVC, etc.