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This antenna has been designed for the frequency band of 2220 Mhz to 2260 Mhz. It gives a flat response over the entire operating frequency range and can easily be operated upto a maximum power of 10 watts.

The antenna consists of a helix at a very critical pitch to maintain the narrow band width. The Antenna has been fully tested to meet the demands of equipment used in a military environment and is designed for worldwide operation and deployment.


Operating Frequency : HF 2220 Mhz to 2260 Mhz
VSWR : Better than 1.5 Beam
Width : Less than 45°
Connector : N Female 50Ω
Gain : Better than 15 dB
Axial Ratio : Better than 1.0 dB
Power Handling Capacity : 10 Watt
Total Length : 0.5 Mtrs approx.
Weight : < 750 gms.