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Spares for L/70 Gun

Sl. Item Nomenclature CAT Part No.
1. Cable Assemblies 2 core, 3 core, 4 core cable assemblies
2. Battery Box With On/Off Switch M2/6150-000380
3. Switch Box Lighting On/Off EEUM M2/5930-003687
4. Switch Box Safety Hydraulically operated M2/5930-003659
5. Inductor Audio Frequency 1.1 Hz @ 1k C/S 1V M2/5950-006314
6. Contact Electrical M2/5999-004728
7. Cable Gland Assembly Steel Threaded M2/5975-001384
8. Insulator Bushing Alkyd Moulding M2/5970-002210
9. Cap Electrical Knob Potentiometer Shaft M2/5999-004726
10. Mount Indicator Tail Light M2/6625-003407
11. Light Rear System (Complete) M2/1010-002684
12. Cable Assembly Sp. Purpose with 4 pin coupling M2/5995-001858
13. Connector, Free, Electrical Metal Clad, Male contacts 2 poles M2/5935-004522
14. Grease Box Assembly to Drg. No. GCF LM-1443(A) M2/BOF-5008234
15. Plug and Socket Assembly Elec. Special Purpose M2/5935-004519
16. Precision mechanical components, assemblies and sub-assemblies
17. Cable glands  
18. Canvas Cover Muzzle  
19. Other Canvas covers for miscellaneous applications