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Waterjet Cutting


Abrasive Waterjet can cut near-net or final shapes, including holes, out of any material, any thickness, without creating a heat affected zone (haz). Standard tolerances are ± 0.3mm for thickness up to two inches. Tighter tolerances of ± 0.15 mm or better are achievable. The cut is smooth, with no burr or slag. Our cutting envelope is 2 mts. x 4 mts x 150mm. With our new 5 Axis Dynamic Waterjet machine we can cut without taper, yield much higher precision than standard waterjet.

Materials that can be cut include:

  • Steel (mild, stainless, tool, high alloy, hardened), Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum, Titanium, Brass, Copper, Bronze
  • Inconel, Hastaloy, Tungsten, Invar, Zirconium
  • Marble, Granite, Glass, Composites, Plastics, Rubber, Foam
  • Any Other Material which will not delaminate or get adversely affected by water

We can cut any 2D design in sheet material. The cutting process is computer numerically controlled. We can work from your computer file, a drawing or a sketch. Preferred format is a .dxf file of the part only, accompanied by a dimensioned drawing (please see our file specifications). Any size job is welcome, from one piece to thousands.