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Waterjet Cutting

Why WaterJet?

  • Fast turnaround No waiting on dies or fixtures,or even programming, since the machine works directly from your cad files.
  • High precision Accurate to +/- 0.003" for parts under 1' and +/- 0.005" for parts over 1' long.
  • Smooth finish Cutting with waterjet leaves a smooth, sandblasted edge, with virtually no burr, eliminating finsihing steps.
  • Material integrity Since no heat is used there is no hardening, no burning, and no property changes.
  • Less waste Kerf width of only 0.030" and tight part nesting allows maximum usage of material, especially important for expensive materials, such as titanium.
  • Environmentally friendly Uses only water, garnet, and electricity. No cutting fluids, oils, fumes, or burning.
  • Low cost No costly dies or fixtures, and fast machining. The waterjet is programmed directly from your cad files, greatly reducing cnc programming costs.
  • Single piece minimum The fast setup, easy programming and machine speed allows for economical one-off production...great for prototyping.
  • Cuts virtually anything Waterjet can machine virtually any material, any thickness, tool steel to aluminum, glass to titanium.

Compare Waterjet Machining to other machining processes.

WaterJet Laser Wire EDM Plasma Flame Punch Press
Cost ----- Lower Higher Lower Lower Higher (short runs)
Precision .003”-.005” Higher on thin mat’l Higher Lower Lower Similar
Speed ----- Faster on thin mat’l 75% Slower Faster Faster Slower
(short runs)
Material Limitations No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thickness Limitations No Yes No Yes No Yes
Distortion, Hardening No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edge Finish Smooth Smooth Smooth Rough Rough Burred